Ancient hebrew mantras pdf

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In mantra meditation, you repeat a particular sound or short phrase again and again. This can be done out loud chantingin your mind, or in some combination of the two. In other forms of meditation, spiritual or not, you pick a mantra from a given list of phrases that are thought to resonate positively. Repeating a meditation mantra during times of stress, for many people, brings about some relaxation and helps them to better deal with whatever the crisis of the moment is.

Besides using mantras, you could also focus on your breath, music, a real object, a mental visualization, or nothing at all Zen. For that matter, even in mantra meditation you could pick nearly any short phrase and have the same sort of cleansing, buffering effect against the mental trivia that inevitably rises during meditation. Despite those three very hefty precedents, though, repeating something life-affirming and spiritual can add something positive to our consciousnesses. I recommend that you pick a mantra that speaks to you, do a google search for Mantra list and you will come up with plenty like this.

That pretty much defeats the purpose. Once I decided I wanted to incorporate […]. You can try using a mantra, which is a chant that you repeat over and over, either out loud or in your mind. My own meditation […]. Here are 21 Mantras you might want to […].

Oz, this style aims not to focus you on your breath or a mantra, but to help you let everything go so you go beyond thought entirely. About the Author: Matthew Catlett I'm a blessed father, husband, web developer, and writer in southern California. You can read more about me here or contact me here.

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February 24, at pm. Mantras for Meaning, Meditation and More angelicmoonfairy says:. March 26, at pm. Meditation Stress Relief for Over-Thinkers says:. July 14, at pm. July 24, at pm.

August 18, at pm. Day 2—Get Your Meditation On says:. October 2, at pm. Mindfulness strategies by personality type StrengthsMining says:. October 10, at am. How to Meditate Erin Newman says:. February 18, at pm.

March 15, at am. March 22, at am. Which type of meditation is right for me? April 18, at pm.If you are interested in using it, you may link to this page. These are terms derived from from Biblical references and not to be confused with other works by Dr.

Hurtak or various other authors. Since no single traditional listing or reference exists, one will find a variety of 72 Divine Expressions and Names. Therefore each list is unique and should be respected as a work of scholarship. Since our work is ecumenical, other expressions in various languages can be found in the Greek and Vedic-Sanskritas expressions of the Divine provided for additional study. The purpose of this page is to allow those of the Judeo-Christian heritage to recognize the Divine Names and Attributes can be found throughout the Scriptures.

Before studying this section we must acknowledge that there are more than 72 Divine Names in Hebrew and Aramaic. This is a unique number chosen by us to elaborate on these ancient expressions.

ancient hebrew mantras pdf

O Abwoon, Father, open my eyes that I may see the wonders of Thy inner Kingdom, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory on this side of Creation and in all dimensions forever. Psalm O most precious Lord, O Adon Olam, Thou who art in the celestial songs of creation and Thou who exist as the Lord of the Universe, may the future and the findings of life throughout the Universe remind us of who we are in the divine plan as Thy seed experiment of Life.

This expression occurs times in the Masoretic Biblical text. Divine Eternal Adonai, may Thy Holy Name be preserved and used with great wisdom, for we know that the awe of Thy Holy Name is the beginning of wisdom.

The mystery of the Godhead as the supreme unity of the Divine Family is affirmed in this expression. Divine Eternal Adonai Echad, may the mystery of Thy Unity and Thy Plurality be understood by the education of my soul and ascent into the higher worlds. The divine executive power of the Divine King is also shared as a power of mercy over all principalities and powers of the universe.

O Adonai Melek, may the loving, guiding and awesome Presence of Thy Kingship guide the inner awakenings of my soul to the marvelous expanse and organization of the physical universe that is sustained by Thy Kingdom of Light.

ancient hebrew mantras pdf

The foundation for All in the universe. O Ain Soph, Praise to Thee who created our spirits before this world was and whose Greatness guides all future worlds through Thy sons and daughters of Light.

During the most important period in the formation of the New Testament, this expression could be found as seen in Romans Al-ilah, O blessed and only wise one, may Thy blessings of the cosmos be with us at all times. Praise to Thee for the prophets and Jesus the Messiah.

HAVAYA- Hebrew Mantra for Activating Love - Whitefeather & Ori

In all of Thy Holy Names, may the mysteries of your nature and manifestations be revealed to us. Most precious and exalted Lord who Heals, Al-ilah Rapha, examine my body and physical nature with Thy penetrating and healing power. May Thou Heal us from all sicknesses and sufferings and bring a restoration of health in body and spirit to those I pray for at this hour, especially for those in a time of transition.

May Al-ilah Sabtai bring forth the peace to deliver all sentient intelligence in this universe which appears to move towards chaos. Thou art the true Lord who is always with us, Al-ilah Shemaya.

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Manifest Thy presence here in the midst of the physical world and the physical reality so that it may be transmuted into the glory of a spiritual planet in the newly arisen universe. An expression for God interacting with the People of Light as found in the major and minor prophets of Israel. O my beloved Ammi Shaddai. May the powers of Shaddai awaken our crown with Light and Splendor to feel in our midst the Presence of the Almighty Lover.

ancient hebrew mantras pdf

O Divine, Thou who art called by the sages Amud Ha-Esh, and Thou who art our Pillar of Fire, may the forces of the princes of the earth and the elements of destructive nature make way for Thee who art the great deliverance and inspiration to all of life. Used by the Jewish mystics and Kabbalists for the Face of God in the higher universe.

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Divine Face, Arik Anpin, may the privilege of seeing beyond the veil of this life remind us of the image we had before we came into this life. May Thy image guide us through all difficulties and dramas as our face becomes highly reflective of Thy face of Light. Love and Presence of the Divine around us. The true name for the book of Numbers.

O, Be-midbar of life, we have walked through the desert and have called upon The Divine and now we ask Thee to call us into a higher plan and mission of divine identity and the higher priesthood of all believers. As Bereshith Bara, may these first words of our Creation signal for our souls the ongoing Divinity of Life and the divine privilege of knowing that there is a living higher creation behind this physical creation.One of the groups that results after the inquisition were those who existed outwardly as Christians but practiced Judaism in secret.

The other groups were those Jews who held fast to their faith and religious practice and those Jews who totally converted to Christianity and were absorbed by Christian society. Many were raised as Christians, but they keep century-old customs tied their Jewish roots.

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For example, they might light two candles every Friday night, they might cover the mirrors in the house after a funeral, or they might have certain practices regarding to salting or eating meat. Many people find out about their Jewish ancestry later in life, often when a parent or grandparent dies.

Then all of a sudden, they want to learn about this other life. There are various groups and leader that help people through this process. It was next to impossible to find any detailed biographical information on Idan Meyer.

Based on his music, he appears to have studied in India where he learned Indian chants and Kirtan style music, which he then sometimes applies to Hebrew. According to this site :. Early in his life, the music of India provided a strong and rich influence on his musical knowledge.

More recently, Idan has gone back even further to the land and roots of his musical birthright: a new musical exploration from his own tradition—the jewish tradition—infused with an eclectic eastern sound. His family members are listed with the last name of Hameri. The Hebrew alphabet consists of only 22 consonants four of which are gutterals, and two of those are practical silent in modern Hebrew.

The HebrewGarden. Many people today use this as a Hebraic formula for healing, based on the Jewish Bible Torah. In the Hindu society, there are many ancient practices which are applied in the modern settings for holistic healing and also an alternative medicine.

Kirtan is also one of such practices and for your information; the practice is very popular and is practiced by many people throughout the world. An individual performing Kirtan is referred to as a kirtankar, and the performance of this religious tune is usually accompanied by the use of popular musical instruments such as the veena, tabla, flute and the harmonium. The melodies from these songs and the accompanying storytelling aspect of Kirtan do evoke positive emotions from the participants, and this is seen as what brings out the healing aspect.

From the melodies, it is possible to create a holistic healing channel which gives way to the negative emotional feelings to escape the person performing the Kirtan. Consequently, all that is left is a mind free from thoughts which would otherwise lead to negative emotions, and that is how the healing devotion of Kirtan arrives.

Many persons who tried this rite have found it to be very interesting. Reason being is that is possible to accompany the storytelling aspect with some acting which can cover mythical, religious on social causes. The meaning here is that Kirtan can be applied to many issues that affect many people in the society and lead to awareness among the people performing the rite. The recitations of storytelling concept in Kirtan can follow a dialogue-style as seen in dramas, and with this, Kirtan is an exceptional religious ritual since it eliminates chances of being bored as it is with many other meditation rituals.Apr 10 16 Nisan Torah Portion.

About one year ago, I began the daily practice of saying Modeh Ani ,1 the short prayer said aloud upon awakening. Who knew that 12 words would have such an enormous impact on my life?

Hebrew-Aramaic Sacred Names

Here I was a late something and I was experiencing anxiety attacks and depression that left me feeling alone, isolated and disconnected. My problems seemed unsurmountable and I was struggling to make my way out of this rough patch. While it relaxed me in the moment, none of it stuck. I still found myself going back to the same old comfortable routines that confined me. Then I started reciting Modeh Ani. I was skeptical, to say the least. The following three insights arose from my own daily recitation of Modeh Ani.

Like a rose, each petal, each word, began to blossom and unfold. It seemed easier to stay under the covers than to face the growing demands and responsibilities of being an adult. My life seemed stagnant in hues of grey, consisting of going to an unfulfilling job, to a diminishing social circle to weight-management or lack thereof.

In the back of my mind I wondered how I could change my life for the better. How could I climb my mountain? I started with a baby step — saying Modeh Ani. Every day, I would focus in on the words, "Your faithfulness is great. Not a little, not somewhat, but greatly! I started to allow the words to penetrate and supersede the negative beliefs I had about myself. I began taking on greater responsibilities as a team-leader at a local soup kitchen. Whereas, I used to be shy and avoid social gatherings with new faces, I began going to social events and developing richer relationships with a variety of people.

I no longer saw myself as a victim. If a friend was in need, I pitched in to help. If God believes that I have everything I need within me in order to fulfill my day, my mission, then who am I to disagree? As miserable as I felt at times, I had another day.

I didn't coincidentally wake up; another day was gifted to me with intention.

Ancient Hebrew Chants

Whether that day felt like a blessing or a curse, I was still 6 feet above ground. Did I overeat the night before?An incantation or spell is a spoken word, phrase, or formula of power, often recited as part of a larger ritual, which is recited in order to effect a magical result.

Most cultures have some idea about words having supernatural constructive powers, but nowhere is this belief stronger than in Judaism. Often a magical spell or incantation is simply addressed to the object to be influenced. Thus, a truly magical incantation most closely parallels the word power of God Himself.

As such, there are a number of distinctive stylistic features present in incantations. These can include: repetition, rhythm, reversals, nonsense words, foreign words, and divine names of power.

Repetition,usually done three or seven times, or by another number symbolically relevant to the issue at hand, is the premier aspect of constructive words of power Shabbat 66b, in the Talmud. An incantation meant to undo the effects of a given event or phenomenon will often include elements of reversal, reciting a word or phrase backwards in some fashion. Spells can include rhymed or nonsense phrases that have minimal or no semantic value vocesmysticae.

Rather, rhythmic meaningless arrangements of words and phrases are used for the illocutionary or mantra-like effect, or for a sympathetic result, or because these words are understood to be meaningful to heavenly powers, if not the adept. This feature, common to Greco-Roman magic, emerges in Jewish circles in late antiquity.

Akin to nonsense phrases, incantations often include nomina barbara, the use of foreign words and phrases. This feature of Jewish spells goes back to the Babylonian tradition of using archaic Sumerian words in their incantations, and becomes characteristic of Jewish incantations by the Greco-Roman period.

With the later decline of Hebrew and Aramaic as a spoken language, these languages themselves become lingua magica for many spell-casters, both Jewish and gentile. Rashi medieval French commentator explains that an integral part of spell-casting involves reciting words that maybe incomprehensible to the enchanter commentary to Sotah 22a. Spells from late antiquity are often promiscuous in the powers they invoke, freely mixing Jewish and pagan entities.

Down from Olympus, Abrasax,delighting in dawns, come gracious who view sunset from the dawn. Magical incantations that appear in the Talmud and are therefore presumably sanctioned by at least some sages mostly serve the functions of healing and protection. In Tractate Shabbat 67a-b, one sage gives explicit sanction to the use of magic if it is done solely for the purposes of healing. While rabbinic authorities have never endorsed the latter forms of incantations, they are more tolerant of spells that enhance goals the sages endorse, such as healing, or spells meant to enhance the learning of Torah.

These latter two types are perhaps the most common in Jewish literature. Tolerance for the use of spells can also be regional. The Babylonian Talmud preserves several examples of spells see especially tractates Pesahim, Shabbat, and Berakhotwhile the Palestinian Talmud has virtually none. We know that at least some Jews in Palestine engaged in spell-casting, because we have magical texts from that region and period.

The types of incantations recorded continue to expand in number and variety of purpose throughout the Middle Ages. Treasure-locating spells also appear in medieval magical manuals. Again, spells recorded in the works of later religious authorities tend to be limited to the same areas tolerated by talmudic authorities:incantations for better memorizing Torah, invoking an angel or ibbur a usually beneficent spiritual possession of a living bodyand for protection against medical or supernatural misadventure.

Comprised of the Mishnah and the Gemara, it contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis from different periods in Jewish history. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you.

Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. Backwards Reduction An incantation meant to undo the effects of a given event or phenomenon will often include elements of reversal, reciting a word or phrase backwards in some fashion. Spells in Medieval Judaism The types of incantations recorded continue to expand in number and variety of purpose throughout the Middle Ages.The Jewish Yoga Network is a community of teachers and students who explore their roots in yoga, meditation and Jewish wisdom.

Please join our community to get involved, enjoy the free resources and come along to upcoming network events. Concerning Hebrew Mantras, as far as authenticity goes, that is always a tricky question.

Most of the Jewish Meditation teachers and techniques that I have read about and studied with basically use various prayers or phrases from traditional Jewish liturgy or sources, especially prayers or phrases that originated in the Torah, and employ them as mantras in the same way that yoga utilizes mantras. I have never heard of any reference to an authentic, authoritative source or text that specifically identifies Hebrew mantras and provides instructions as the how to utilize them. I believe this was always left for direct oral instruction and transmission, and self-discovery and experimentation.

The Layer Two and Layer Three practices I describe in the book build upon this, and as explained, are based upon a peculiar oral tradition Talmudic notation for the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton as used in Genesiscombining the consonants of YHVH with the vowels of Elohim.

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But it is quite obvious to me that was its intention. However, I have found this to be a very potent practice, and I am quite convinced of its efficacy. My interpretation is that it is to be recited with the body erect, as in a seated meditation posture, and not necessarily as standing up on your feet.

I include the Shema, its first paragraph, and an abbreviated form of the Amida in my daily Jewish Yoga meditation practice. These midrash, affirmed and repeated over time, then become recognized as their own authority. The Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah are two of the other principle Kabbalistic texts, and no-one is certain of their authorship. An argument among some quarters is being made that the process of midrash must remain alive with current practitioners in order for the tradition to remain alive, dynamic and vital, and as such, anyone can create midrash.

The practices I describe originate in authentic tradition, but then are extrapolated from those traditions, both Jewish and yogic, tweaking certain practices. They are based not on my intellectual imaginings, but rather on intuitive and experiential insights and practices.

For anyone interested in Jewish Meditation and utilizing Hebrew mantras in their meditation practice, I would suggest that you experiment with some of the practices I describe in my book, and then study a traditional Jewish prayer book and the Jewish Bible for prayers, blessings or phrases that particularly resonate with you, and try using them as mantras. Besides the Five Books of Moses the Torah properphrases from Psalms and the Song of Songs have been of particular inspiration to many people.

Although it is a favored practice of mine, as described in my book, I know that there are issues about utilizing the Tetragrammaton or approximations of it in any way, as there are long-held traditions and beliefs that either the correct pronunciation is no longer known, and even if known, should not be spoken or even thought because it would be using the name of the Lord in vain.

My childhood rabbi, who was Modern Orthodox and pretty straight-laced, told me that the correct pronunciation is known, but is just a well-kept secret for advanced students only. The beauty of these breath-coordinated practices are that they are aligning their sounds with the breath, and letting the breath become the sounds of its own accord.

It is something beyond and deeper than thought. It is alignment with life force and its source. My yoga tradition encourages exploration, so the whole idea is for the practitioner to go with the suggestion and experiment with it and see what feels right.History says the oldest Jewish music that has survived is composed of melodies used for chanting based on the Scriptures.

A description of chanting states that chants serves as the road for those who lead with their hearts and want to seek the truth hidden under the grounds of their lives.

Hebrew chanting is a practice of meditation that connects our bodies, hearts, and minds. This practice produces healing along with the growth of awareness or consciousness. There is enough evidence to explain specific stages in the evolution of Hebrew chanting and music after the destruction of the Jewish temple.

The first significant change took place during the transition from the traditional singing ritual and performance by professional musicians to a more basic and intimate form of ordinary chanting without any musical accompaniment in the synagogue.

Psalm It emphasizes spiritual practice as a way of setting up our throne as well as sovereignty over the inner state of being. This sense of freedom is underlined by the values of Tzedek and Mishpat. It is the Justice integrity, honesty, compassion, and a broader point of view and Faultlessness or Perfection commitment to show up for that particular moment.

These two attributes provide the cornerstone for this autonomy. The world is unstable or volatile. The lives of people change from time to time. Ignorance can be frightening. It also controls the never-ending potential of human power and creativity. We can only get ready for this secrecy by becoming totally present and accessing the fullness of being in this moment.

We must know when we are called to be able to respond with that extensiveness. It is more of a journey to freedom. We must have the courage to live in a domain of scepticism.

However, it is enough to show up in our fullness and distinctiveness. We will not find out what is necessary until we finally get there. I will sing praise so that I may know the highest Essence of Divine Existence. They enter the highest level of perception and spiritual union with the Divine One. The four-letter name of God cannot be pronounced. It is more like the Divine One which is bottomless. In chanting, the music, rhythm and intention will lift you up beyond Reason.

It can connect you with a Mystery and experience the real meaning of soul beyond death. Follow Me! First name. Chants for Meditation is a resource for everyone who want to find inner peace and harmony.

This is a work in progress by yogini, Singer, Teacher and Author Kamini Natarajan who has extensive experience with chanting authentic Sanskrit Mantras.

ancient hebrew mantras pdf

Ancient Hebrew Chants.